Next generation mobile software for the inspection and testing of fire life safety systems!

  • Designed specifically for fire protection companies.
  • Manage your inspections, scheduling, inventory, invoicing and much more.
  • Works with Apple and Android based smart phones and tablets.
  • Optimize your performance and profit!

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How Aries Works

1. Ready

Open our mobile application on any tablet or smartphone and answer a series of questions on screen.

2. Generate

Aries takes that information and instantly generates a completed inspection report.

3. Report

The report is emailed to you and your customer as a PDF, before your tech even leaves the job site. Then saves it to our cloud database.

Aries is the mobile solution fire protection professionals have been waiting for. Now you can:

  • Complete all inspection reports with easy-to-use mobile applications.
  • Organize and store reports on our secure cloud database.
  • Impress your customers - and surpass your competition - with your ability to deliver complete reports right from the field.

Aries helps you work smarter and faster which, ultimately, benefits your bottom line.

Fire Inspection Software

Aries is the most advanced fire protection software of its kind. If you’re looking for mobile fire inspection software you won’t find a more complete, easy to use software than ours.

It's easy to start, there are no upfront costs, no down payments, no contracts and no credit card information required. All you have to do is register and then start using us free for 30 days.

Fire Inspection Reports

Aries is so much more than fire protection software. We provide a dashboard for setting up customers, creating recurring inspections, scheduling and dispatching. We provide cloud storage to keep all your fire inspection reports organized by the type of system you tested (alarm, sprinkler, extinguisher etc.) Then we organize those reports by the date they were done so you can easily find them anytime you need.

We don't just do fire inspection reports. You can create quotes from the office or the field as well as create and complete work orders for any repairs your customers need. Using our quotes and work orders you can keep the cash flow rolling in, Aries will help you convert deficiencies into cash faster than ever.

Aries will keep you current and compliant with NFPA and Joint Commission requirements.

Aries also has a Building Information section where your office staff can review the building information before scheduling an inspection. You can see how many techs are needed, what types of licenses they must have (the inspection may need a fire alarm license as well as a sprinkler license.) They can see the cross streets, the contact person, the contact phone number, if a key is needed for the riser room etc. Never send a tech to a job unprepared again.