What we do

Fact, Aries will pay for itself and save you money. Here's how:

  • Aries is designed to be filled out during the inspection process. At the end of an inspection your tech simply drives to the next job. No more wasted time filling out reports at the end of an inspection.
  • Office personnel can fill out report information prior to a tech arriving at a job to save even more time.
  • Google Map integration allows techs to take the fastest route to their job.

Aries will keep you organized and efficient!

  • Aries will save every inspection report, work order and quote in the cloud right where you can find it anytime you need.
  • You can setup recurring inspections for all your customers and Aries will remind you of all the inspections due each month.
  • You can schedule jobs for your techs by the day, week or month. Your techs will receive those jobs on their mobile device in real time.

Customers and AHJ's will know that you run a tight ship!

  • Joint Commission compliant reports.
  • GPS tracks your techs and displays their location in real time.
  • Customer portal to schedule service, view and download reports, see which inspections have been done this year and which inspections are still needed.
  • AHJ's can receive emailed inspection reports just like a customer.